Specialist Services

Commissioning Managers and Locum Nurses, sometimes it is easier to employ no one, than the wrong one!

Commissioning Managers at Heart
We have developed a reputation for finding high calibre managers who have the organisational skills, ability and grit to commission a new home, and who can bring success to our clients at a crucial phase in the development of their new project, ensuring grades, reputation and fill rates are achieved in line with business plans and projections.
Our understanding of the difficulties surrounding commissioning a new home and the type of person required is second to none.

Locum Nurses at Heart
We know how difficult it can be to find the right person for your organisation, and sometimes it is easier to employ no one, than the wrong one!
Heart Resourcing can provide you with experienced nurses, who can work on a short term employment contract for you, who can give continuity to your team. Our specialist placement services mean you don’t pay extortionate agency fees for agency staff who are not consistent or committed, and you can rely on your locum team member to help support you through difficult times, buying you time to recruit, and allowing Heart Resourcing to recruit on your behalf.

Specialist Services at Heart
We are experts in resourcing candidates for “specialist” roles. We thrive on the challenge that resourcing for the following roles can bring Quality Assurance, Dementia Specialists, Palliative Care experts, Administration managers Administrators,  Domiciliary Care managers, Care Coordinators, Head Housekeepers and Head chefs.